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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Mentality Of A Met Fan
By: Chris Caraballo @ 5:02 PM
With the 2009 season just 6 days away; I decided to analyze the Met fan mentality in not only myself but other Mets fans I speak to on a daily basis. Its funny how with the change of season from winter to spring there is also a change in how we feel about our team. We Mets fans go from seeing the glass half empty to seeing it half full. For example, from Oct-Feb many of us thought we needed to make changes to this team and I’ve heard a million times how if Carlos Delgado and Luis Castillo were going to be on this team most fans wouldn’t be happy. Well, how about today? Fans I speak to now believe that not only does Delgado belong on this team but he will pick up where he left off from the 2nd half of 2008, also there is some acceptance of Luis Castillo with his good spring and is batting 8th in the order this year.

So the question to be asked is: What factors swing the Met fans mentality?

Here are some reasons I’ve analyzed based on discussions as to why fans (me included) went from pessimistic to optimistic for the 2009 season:

5. Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoenweis are gone.
As the 2008 season continued and neared its end I don’t remember one time when I saw Heilman come out of the bullpen and I didn’t smack the couch or say “That’s it, we lost”. He caused lots of frustration to Mets fans. His desire to always wanting to start caused even more tension. As for Schoenweis, he was not that bad last year, but all I have is 2 words when it comes to Schoenweis; Wes Helms. Omar Minaya knew he had to make over the bullpen and this group had wore out its welcome.

4. The Starting Rotation is Young & Daniel Murphy
After years of mid 30’s to 40 yr old starting pitchers (Glavine, El Duque, Pedro) we now usher in a new era that is anchored of course by Johan Santana, but the new #2, Mike Pelfrey who emerged last year to show his potential. John Maine barring he can bounce back from his shoulder injury should be a 15 win pitcher. Ollie Perez, well, he dominates the Phillies and so we have to love that. 4 / 5 of our starting rotation is 30 and under. There are also some promising arms in Jon Niese and Dillon Gee waiting in the wings. Livan Hernandez should be suitable to what any team would want out of a #5 guy. (I still want Pedro!).

Daniel Murphy hit hit and kept on hitting until the Mets finally could not continue with the talk of a platoon of Murphy and Tatis in left. He will be the Mets everyday left fielder and #2 hitter (against righties and lefties). I can envision him taking over 1st base in the future. However how excited are you to think of the diamond trio of Wright on 3rd, Reyes at SS, and Murphy in left, home grown talent and major parts of this team. We didn’t go out and buy all stars for each position (hear that Yankees??????) after years of lacking development the Mets are known developing solid big league product. If I had to compare Murphy to one guy in the majors, he is the Mets version of Dustin Pedroia; young, plays hard, and will emerge as a big presence on this team as the year progresses. I can’t wait for his commercials next year for MLB 2010 The Show! =)

3. K-Rod & Putz
The Mets go from blowing the most late inning leads and saves in MLB to having possible the game’s most dominant 8-9 inning combination. JJ Putz throws 100 miles an hr, the former closer in Seattle will set-up for Mr. Francisco Rodriguez. K-Rod comes off a record setting season in which he saved 62 games for the Angels. He was not dominant last year, he had some adventures, but the man knows how to close games. With the excitement and his animated personality, he will fire up Met fans all year long.

2. Citi Field
Shea Goodbye. Yes, it was a dump but it was our dump and there definitely is some nostalgia. However, with a new stadium comes new hope. Citi Field represents a new era for the Mets, a clean slate to write historic chapters in this team’s history. Shea was site to some of baseball most memorable moments, however many Met fans will attest to having their hearts broken at this stadium more often that not. It will be nice to play this season in a new stadium which metaphorically can be the catalyst to erasing the collapses at Shea in 2007 and 2008. Let’s call Citi Field our good luck charm as we embark on its first year of existence.

1. It’s a New Season
Simple. Every year when the grass grows, and the weather warms up a bit all Met fans get that feeling, its baseball time. Every team and all fans feel the new year is their year to take it all. The heartache from last year is put to the side, and we all are optimistic that every player will have a huge year as we run away with the championship. Once the season starts and reality starts to set in that an opening day HR by David Wright does not mean he is on pace for 162 HR’s things may change. However, as long as you are a fan once the season is near you forget all you don’t like, all you’ve complained about, frustrations, hurts, it all doesn’t matter. It’s 2009.

Being a Met fan is definitely a roller coaster ride. Die hard fans like myself take losses personal, scream at the television, and other over the top behavior. It’s what’s great about being a Met fan; you look to a better day.

Someone once asked me “If the Mets get you so mad and frustrated at times, why watch?” My response “It will make it that much sweeter when we will it all”




Posted By: Blogger danny | April 2, 2009 at 10:44 AM  

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