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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Mets; RISP, Citi Field History, Defense, Bullpen
By: Chris Caraballo @ 10:24 PM
Now that the Mets have played 13 games in which their record is 6-7 let's see how they stand.

Biggest Issue: RISP & Starting Pitching
Can someone get a flippin' hit with runners on board??!! To watch this team leave runners in scoring position night after night is just frustrating. This group thus far is looking like they are in September, their favorite month.

Outside of Johan Santana and I'll even say Livan Hernandez the rest of the rotation is just a joke. Why did Omar give Oliver Perez $36M for 3 years? How long will it take before Mets fans start to wonder if the John Maine we are seeing is the best we are going to get?? Mike Pelfrey is hurt, let's see how long this lingers before the Mets botch this injury?

Biggest Liability: Daniel Murphy in LF
The Mets have a big dilemma, the kid can flat out rake, but he can't play left field if his life depended on it. His defense has already impacted the outcome of 3-4 games. How long will the Mets be patient since he's such a potent bat? All I have to say is....He better keep hitting because his glove won't save him.

Bullpen: Not Taking Advantage of the New Duo
In order for the Mets to utilize the Putz/K-Rod connection they actually have to get to the 8th without blowing the lead or without the SP getting blasted. Outside of Brian Stokes everyone else needs to step up their game. It's sad that the Mets have used K-Rod in more non-save situations that save situations.

Front Office: Where is the Met History?
Even in building a brand new, state of the art field; the Mets still botch things (only them). The lack of Mets history has turned into a big issue and based on fan pressure, reluctantly left Doc Gooden's tag on a wall, I'd rather see that than most things there anyway.

Same ole' Mets so far. I get so frustrated that I wish I can turn back to the off season and make some real gutsy moves to shake up this teams dynamic. They have no heart. They are the typical bully, they bounce on you when they can but when the other team fights back or get ahead, they run away and are nowhere to be found.

Let's hope is an April thing, but so far, this Met fan is disgusted.

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