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Wednesday, April 1, 2009
SI Predicts Mets Win World Series; Inside Look
By: Chris Caraballo @ 11:57 AM
For all of you who believe in Karma and jinxes; Sports Illustrated’s baseball predictions usually don’t bold well for the teams they select. If you believe in the Madden curse; where the player who gets the cover for the upcoming year for the most part had serious injuries or a bad year then you believe in the SI Jinx. SI doesn’t typically go out on the limb with their predictions. They’ve picked the Yankees in the AL 4 out of the past 8 years and they’ve picked the Cardinals 3 times over that span. Last year they hopped on the Detroit Tigers bandwagon after they traded for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis and we know how that train wreck turned out.

This prediction is not a shocker. Many people around baseball believe the 2008 Mets were a strong team but their bullpen was horrible. With the same team in tact, and Omar getting 2 of the best closers in baseball in K-Rod and Putz to form the best late inning tandem in baseball; its an easy equation to put the Mets on top erasing all the late inning losing last year into wins this year. As a Met fan, I would very much rather have SI keep the Mets out of their mouths as their picks never pan out.

Since 2001 SI’s has not made a correct World Series prediction and has only been correct on 2 of the teams in the World Series (12%). Below is a breakdown of their predictions and the actual World Series played.

  • 2001: Predicition- Yankees Beat Cardinals (Verducci) | Actual – D-Backs Beat Yankees (predicted NYY in World Series, not rocket since as they has won 4 of the previous 5 World Series)
  • 2002: Predicition - Yankees Beat Cardinals (Verducci) | Actual – Angels Beat Giants
  • 2003: Predicition - A’s Beat D-Backs (Verducci) | Actual – Marlins Beat Yankees (only year SI didn’t pick the Yankees in a 5 year span and they got to the series)
  • 2004: Predicition - Cubs Beat Yankees | Actual – Red Sox Beat Cardinals
  • 2005: Predicition - Yankees Beat Braves | Actual – White Sox Beat Astros
  • 2006: Predicition - White Sox Beat Cardinals | Actual – Cardinals Beat Tigers
  • 2007: Predicition - Angels Beat Dodgers | Actual – Red Sox Beat Rockies
  • 2008: Predicition - Tigers Beat Cubs | Actual – Phillies Beat Rays
  • 2009: Predicition – Mets Beat Angels | Actual - ??????

Picking the Mets to win this year is SI’s first NL pick in 5 years. They picked the Cubs in 2004 but that was most likely due to their heart break in the NLCS in 2003. With the NL and AL each taking 4 titles in the past 8 years I am sure they are looking to balance their predictions as their AL love fest has not come to fruition.

Bottom line Met fans, its easy to get excited about something like this, but I’d rather not have the Mets being part of any predictions to win the World Series until they can overcome their September demons. Some quotes from Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel

"I've always said championships are won on the field, not on predictions," Mets GM Omar Minaya said. "The cover business, I don't believe in it. The bottom line is: I think we're a good team, but we've been a good team on paper for the past three years, and all we have to show right now is one playoff appearance."

"That's all right with me," Manuel said. "Anybody. My kids and dogs and all the other folks, they picked me, too."

For the Mets fans sake, let’s hope SI gets it right this year.

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Posted By: Anonymous Anonymous | April 15, 2009 at 8:38 PM  

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